Michele Seippel



Screensavers, a semi annual audio visual performance series, brings together emerging and established artists including musicians, filmmakers and poets for a night of unexpected collaborations.
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Saturn Bar

w/ thruoutin, VJ'ing @ Saturn Bar, New Orleans, LA

Aux Send

Michele’s music combines elements of idm, sampling, sound design, ambient, and experimental film. Her work isn’t fully experienced without the visual elements that she controls dynamically throughout her musical performance. So much of her work is built around everyday sights and sounds, things she can assemble and build from her surroundings. Lights passing on her ceiling form loosely defined shapes on her screen, the sounds of rustling sheets are deconstructed into soundscapes in her software. Her performance is at once filled with organic and familiar moods as well as completely strange and beautiful soundscapes. It’s a truly amazing performance, and one that can lead to a completely visceral listening experience.
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Black Iris

GeNDeRS @ Black Iris, Richmond, VA
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Summer Mixer

Musician Nelly Kate and video artist Michele Seippel collaborate under the name GeNDeRS, improvising with a live mix of sound and video. The transformative melding of Seippel’s ethereal abstract imagery with Kate’s minimalist pop vibe will beat the summer heat and chill you out.
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GeNDeRS (Nelly Kate + Michele Seippel) combine powers to unfold a new project that tugs at the fringe of noise indulgence with live sampling and video.
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Magical Music Monday

There are some experiences that transcend your context. Time stands still, as the space within your self begins expanding beyond the cage of your ribs, and it feels as if you are immersed into a transformation of every preconception you formerly maintained. Sure, that sounds a bit hyperbolic but on Monday, May 28, 2012, an experience of this sort took place in a house on the south side of the James. First we shared a potluck meal in the back yard of the Bainbridge Collective, and then, began the sounds and projections of Michele Seippel. Her work is emerging into an abstracted combination of soundscapes and visuals that are alluring and mesmerizing. She stills the audience with imagery that is physiological and familiar while interweaving samples of voice messages, perhaps from her mother, that draw us into her world even futher. It is calculated and intentional, and it captivates you on a subfrequent wave somewhere deep within your chest. Michele Seippel is precocious, ambitious and stunning.
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